Kyoto Box is a solar cooker made from polypropylene with acryl glass cover. It provides free energy for cooking, baking, cleaning water and drying foods. At the same time, it reduces many severe problems such as indoor smoke inhalation, fire
hazard and time loss and spinal injury from gathering firewood.
It also reduces deforestation, lowers cost of energy and reduces household CO2 emissions.
It packs flat and thousands can fit on a lorry.

The Kyoto Box won the Financial Times climate Challenge 2009.
* WHO : 1,6 million women and children die of smoke inhalation from indoor cooking each year.

10 advantages for Kyoto box

  1. It helps stop deforestation, loss of topsoil and land slides
  2. It helps remove indoor smoke pollution, which causes 1.6 million deaths every year
  3. It cleans water, water-borne diseases kill 10 million people every year
  4. It lowers cost of energy since the sun provides free fuel
  5. It reduces spinal cord damage from carrying firewood
  6. It reduces attacks from animals, rape and landmines while fetching firewood
  7. It reduces time waste from fetching firewood and allows kids to attend school
  8. It cooks food slowly and at lower temperatures, retaining important vitamins
  9. It reduces fire hazards
  10. It reduces CO2 emissions